Silje Ekroll Jahren

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The national team started the preparations towards season 2017 this week/weekend at "Olympiatoppen" at Sognsvann in Oslo. We talked about expectations, training camps, selections and goals and much more. Everyone also had an individual talk with the national trainer. Since there is new structure of the national team this year, and Birgitte Husebye starts up as trainer for the women, it was exciting and motivating to get to know her better.  Beside all the meetings, we also trained some nice orienteering trainings at Sognsvann and Linderudkollen, as well as some strength and alternative training at "Olympiatoppen". 



Today I could, together with Sabine Hauswirth and Sarina Jenzer, win my first swiss championship gold medal! The swiss national season was today ended with the national championships in team orienteering. In this competition form one team consists of three runners and the goal is to get one SI-card as fast as possible through the course. This year the competition was organized as a masstart which made it all even more hectic than usual. We managed the stress well, kept calm and we sticked to the plan about doing it simple. In the end we could win the competition with 4 minutes down to the next team, and we all won our first swiss championships gold medals!


Today the National Team Selection for 2017 was presented. The National Team has been reorganized compared to last season, and instead of having one elite team they have now decided to have a women and a mens team. I have been selected for the womens team which will be trained/coached by Birgitte Husebye. Last season we were only very few women in the training camps, and I am looking forward to be part of a bigger team this year. The first meeting with the new team will be 11th-16th of November. 



The international orientering season ended with the World Cup Final in Aarau, Switzerland, 14th-16th of October. In the sprint relay Friday I ran a good 1st leg for the norwegian 1st team (me, Håkon Jarvis Westergård, Øystein Kvaal Østerbø and Ingjerd Myhre) which ended 5th in the nation ranking and 7th in total. In the long distance Saturday I ran a stable technical race, but my legs were tired and the necessary speed was missing. I ended the race on a 32nd place. The sprint final on Sunday afternoon in the old town of Aarau was the highlight of the weekend, and with all the spectators and loud sharing I managed to pull out the last rest of energy from my legs and I ran a very good sprint. Despite almost jumping over the 19th control, it was a technical good race and I was in the fight for the top 10 positions, but with 23 sec time loss I fell down to the 18th place. 


The first WOC 2017 training camp in Estonia is over for this time. We have been training on many different maps and quite different terrains, and in the weekend we competed at Suunto Games a test-WOC for the organizers, but also for us athletes. Due to a cold I only ran the middle distance on Sunday, and got the 12th place in the good starting field after a stable technical performance. Even though I had to be careful the whole week due to my cold, I got many hours with technical trainings and a good view on the terrain types for next years World Championships.