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WOC 2017 is history, and for the first time I am really not satisfied with my own performance. Going home with a 19th place in the sprint was not what I aimed for. Anyway, I did enjoy running WOC in Estonia, and it was nice to see many other good performances from my team mates - 2nd best nation at WOC! Being a reserve is always tough, watching races you want to run from the sideline, but I am motivated to keep on working towards new goals and hopefully be stronger next time to be able to catch some more of the few spots.



After working together towards a common goal during the whole winter, it is just fantastic to succeed! We knew that our team, with Sarina Jenzer (1st), me (2nd), Simone Niggli (3rd) and Sabine Hauswirth (4th), was good enough to fight for the medals at the Venla relay, but to actually make it cannot be expected, and really a dream coming true! Our tactic was to go out there and focus on our technical performances, and have fun - and so we did! After four good technical performances we could run in together as 2nd best team! Our 2nd team also ran well, and captured a good 149th place. In the Jukola Relay our boys also delivered solid performances through the whole night, and could run in as 20th with the 1st team and as 200th with the 2nd team. The 2nd place in Venla and the 20th place in Jukola were the best positions of a non-Scandinavian club ever! Thank you to all the runners, the rest of the club, the sponsors, the leaders, and everyone cheering at the arena or via the live TV at home!







Last Friday I went back to Estonia for the last WOC preparations together with the rest of the norwegian WOC team. Unfortunatly, I catched a small cold just before leaving, so I started the precamp isolated from the rest for 24hrs. After that I trained easy until Tuesday. Tuesday I got to train the sprint relay training at moderate pace, and also got a nice training in the forest in the afternoon. On Wednesday I finally could run full speed at the sprint intervals, and got a 2nd training in the forest as well. I could therefore end the precamp well, and now I am looking forward to the last weeks of preparation. But before I go home to Switzerland: Venla with OL norska! 




Today the last WOC selections have been done, and I have been selected to run the individual sprint, and I am reserve for the sprint relay. Therefore, my program at the WOC will be to run the sprint, and after that I am reserve for the following 3 distances: sprint relay, long and middle. The last preparations before WOC starts already on Friday, with WOC-precamp in Estonia until Thursday next week. WOC will start with sprint qualification on Friday June 30th in Tartu, Estonia. 






Det ble full uttelling på NM-sprint i helgen. Jeg ønsket å være med å kjempe i medaljekampen, men at jeg faktisk skulle få klatre øverst opp på pallen og ta mitt første NM-gull i karrieren, og kongepokalen i samme slengen, det hadde jeg ikke regnet med! Jeg løp en ok kvalifisering, men kjente at jeg trengte den gjennomkjøringen før finalen. I finalen ble det feil inn og ut av førstepost, men derfra og til mål løp jeg et teknisk solid løp med god flyt, og det viste seg tilslutt at løpet holdt til seier med 7s margin. Moro!

// Won the Norwegian Championship in sprint orienteering this weekend! This is my first national championship title, and it was extra nice to win because I also won the Norwegian King's Trophy "Hans Majestet Kongens Pokal", which is awarded in most sports in Norway. In orienteering it is given in a different distance every year, and in sprint it is therefore only awarded every 4th year.